Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry emphasizes on the dental development of young people, from infancy through adolescence. The specialty includes preventive techniques, restorative dentistry, behavior guidance, interceptive orthodontic care, and treatment of children with special needs.

Why You May Need Children Dentistry

Most people usually overlook the importance of baby teeth since they’ll eventually fall out. Yet, primary teeth play a fundamental role in the development, proper alignment, and spacing of permanent teeth. Besides, it influences your child’s speech development, chewing ability, appearance, and confidence. Thus, here is why your child ought to visit a dentist:

  • To ensure s/he maintains clean and stunning teeth
  • To prevent dental problems such as gingivitis, carries, and decays among other issues
  • To ensure that any dental problem is detected early and treated before it worsens
  • To allow healthy teeth growth and development through continuous care and monitoring
  • For restorative dentistry including crowns and fillings
  • To restore or enhance your child’s smile through aesthetic dentistry
  • For extractions of primary teeth

What to Expect At the Dentist

Dental experts recommend that you schedule your kid’s first dental visit at the appearance of the first tooth or around his or her first birthday, and every six months after that. During your visits, here is what to expect:

Oral Examination: The dentist will start by cleaning your child’s teeth through polishing and removing buildups and stains. S/he will perform an assessment of the teeth, gums, bite, jaw, and oral tissues. This allows the specialist to monitor growth and development and to predict future oral problems.

Preventive care: The specialist may use sealants and fluoride treatments to protect your child’s tooth enamel and reduce the risks of dental cavities.

Treatment: For any dental issue diagnosed, the dentist will offer treatment, including repair of dental injuries, pulp therapy, and oral trauma treatment. S/he may also provide restorative treatment such as orthodontics for permanent teeth and space maintainers to ensure that primary teeth lost sooner do not become misaligned.

Education: The dentist will help your kid understand the importance of daily oral healthcare. They will give advice on diet and nutrition, toothpaste selection, pacifier usage, and thumb-sucking cessation. You may also learn about the signs of dental problems that might be related to other ailments such as asthma, diabetes, and hay fever.

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With a wealth of experience in children’s dentistry, Sunrise Dentistry in Mississauga has board-certified experts who not only treat existing dental issues but also focus on preventing such problems. We rely on advanced tools and painless techniques to deliver the best practice and to enhance your child’s comfort. Besides, we usually have special offers to all our new patients (check with our office for more details) and we help process medical insurance claims in due time.

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