Dental braces or orthodontic cases are devices made of rubber bands, thin wires (archwires), and/or other fixed or removable corrective appliances. They are used to align and straighten teeth through application of pressure for a certain period to slowly move your teeth back into position. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and you should thus discuss with your orthodontist to determine the best option for your situation and preference.

Why You May Consider Dental Braces

Bad bites or Malocclusion is triggered by the position of your teeth and jaws. Use braces to correct the following irregularities and avoid further dental issues:

Protruding teeth: Also known as anoverjet, it occurs when the upper front teeth protrude forward. It can be hereditary or a result of malformed jaw because of pressure from certain childhood habits, including prolonged bottle feeding, thumb sucking, or tongue thrusting.

Crowded teeth: Occurs when your teeth don’t properly fit in the jaw. The situation is brought about by a limited amount of space for the teeth to grow properly fostering crowding once your permanent teeth erupt.

Crooked teeth: it’s an incorrect relation between teeth or a deviation of teeth away from their normal occlusion

Misplaced midline: where the center of the upper set teeth doesn’t align with the center of the opposite lower set

Missing teeth: You have widely spaced or missing teeth

Treatment Procedure

Malocclusion causes abnormal wear to the enamel, interferes with your ability to speak or chew properly, and prompt teeth and jaw problems. They also cause difficulties in brushing and flossing thus triggering tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Here is a procedure to correct or treat these irregularities:

Initial preparation: Your dentist or orthodontist will ask questions about your health history, conduct a clinical exam, and take an impression of your teeth including photos of your face and teeth. With this information and analysis, an appropriate treatment plan will be established to ensure you get a swift, quick, and effective outcome. However, if you have decayed teeth or inflamed gums, the dentist may be required to treat the condition before embarking on the treatment, or advice you accordingly.

Fitting the braces: The fitting procedure will depend on the specific braces that are suitable for your condition. The dentist will thoroughly clean and dry your mouth. For a fixed brace, s/he will apply the bonding agent to your teeth and attach the brackets. An archwire will then be placed on the brackets and secure your teeth properly with elastic bands. For a removable brace, you will be shown how to insert and take them out correctly. You can wear a removable brace before and/or after you’ve completed your treatment with a fixed brace, or on their own–for more guidance, ask your dentist.

Regular checkups: You need to visit your orthodontist after every three to six weeks to adjust, replaced, or modify your braces. During this time, you may choose a different color for your new braces if you want. Typically, the whole process takes six months to two and a half (21/2) years to attain your desired result depending on the complexity and types of problems.

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Orthodontic treatment aligns your teeth so they work better and improve your “orofacial” appearance. At Mississauga Smile Dentistry, we have a board certified and seasoned team of orthodontists who will assess your oral health and come up with the most suitable treatment. We incorporate the latest trends in dental technology to ensure that you professionally achieve that million-dollar smile. Besides, in appreciation to all our esteemed patients, we have regular offers, and we will help you process your insurance claim in time.

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